The Great Lymphatic System And The “Secret” Of True Health

If I were to ask you what the Great Lymphatic System (GLS) is and what are its functions in our body, would you know how to respond?

Don’t worry if you don’t. Most of us have no idea about it. How could we? Nobody ever talks about it!

I personally, had zero idea what GLS was, before getting my autoimmune dis-ease. If I would have known, I would have not gotten ill in the first place. But every cloud has a silver lining. I learned everything about GLS and, in order to bring myself to the “healthy side of life” again, I had to learn it fast. So here I am, sharing with you my knowledge about the Great Lymphatic System and the HUUUGE role it plays in our bodies.

Our Lymphatic System is part of our Eliminative System and is one of the most vital systems of our body. Its job includes removing cellular wastes, excessive fat-soluble compounds from the GI (gastrointestinal) tract, creating white blood cells and antibodies and serving as home for our Immune System. Lymphatic system and Immune system, although separated, work together, offering our body both protection and elimination. The Lymphatic System is the battlefield of “good vs bad” in our body. Is where our immune cells fight, day after day, year after year, to keep us healthy.

In addition, our Lymphatic System acts as our septic or sewer system. It provides protection to cells but also serves to remove all the metabolic waste and by-products that our cells create. In fact, our cells are like little babies – they eat and excrete constantly, all day long. Our blood takes care to supply nutrition and fuels to our cells (picture the blood as the nurse who feeds the cells with baby bottles) and the Lymph is the cleaner, who comes, picks up all the trash (metabolic waste), cleans and changes our cells’
“diapers”. As long as this mechanism (of food supply and cellular cleaning) works flawlessly, everyone is happy. Our cells are happy and thriving, they function well, consequently our tissues function, or organs function, of systems function.

The problems arise when something along the way start glitching. Whilst our blood is moved by the heart, our lymph does not have an organ to pump and pressurize it. It means that something else has to incentivize the move. Low blood pressure (caused by weak adrenals), inactive lifestyle, lack of exercise, impacted bowels, congested skin, weak kidneys and adrenals plus the over-consumption of animal proteins, acidic foods, mucus-forming substances (like milk, complex starches and processed sugars etc.) will burden and congest our lymph causing it to become more and more stagnant.

If our lymph becomes stagnant and congested, it will block proper cellular function, will create a heavy immune burden and cellular autointoxication and will lead to disfunctions and ultimately death of our cells.

Will you be surprised if I tell you now that most of our health problems have the same origin – stagnated lymph? How could it be any different? Imagine these teeny-tiny cells, who eat and poo all day long and are waiting for someone to clean them up but the cleaning worker cannot pass to change their diapers, because the doors to their rooms are blocked or the floors are obstructed.

They stay in the same diapers for ages! Moreover, soon enough the door to their food delivery and nutrients supply will also get obstructed, so not only will they be living in dirt and decay but will also starve. Of course, they will get sick, dysfunctional, deformed and will eventually die. Who would want to live like this?

I know it’s a little violent as imagine but try to picture yourself for a second in a wheelchair. You eat and poo every day but NOBODY comes to clean up the mess. Would you be happy? I assure you, you will not! You will start at first feeling some discomfort, then you will get frustrated, then desperate, then miserable, then you will rather prefer to die than live like this. What make your cells different from you? Nothing. Nobody wants to live in a foul, stagnate, stinky swamp full of flies, parasites, worms and God knows what else.

Colds, flu, allergies, sinus congestion, pimples, skin rashes, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, boils, lymphomas, tumors (just to name few) are nothing else than SYMPTOMS of an over-burdened, clogged and congested lymph system.

Now that you know the cause of most of our health issues, the equation becomes pretty easy and clear. Remove the cause, remove the problem. So basically, in order to be healthy and have a well-functioning body: “you have got to keep your cells clean by MOVING your lymph”.

What would make your lymph move?

It’s all about making simple changes in your diet and lifestyle:

  • First of all, detox your body from the old, putrefied lymph that has been causing you so much
    troubles. Detoxification is the best way to clean and rebuild your body and regenerate your
  • Eat healthy, astringent, high in electrolytes, hydrating, alkaline foods (I will dedicate a separate
    topic about this).
  • Stop eating all the mucus forming foods that will congest your lymph even more: dairy products
    (pasteurized or raw), refined sugars, irritants (coke, redbull), animal protein, complex starches.
  • Avoid using highly toxic chemicals and products on your skin. Everything that you put on your
    skin gets absorbed and goes directly into your body, same way as if you have eaten it.
  • Move, move, move! Exercise daily, at least 15 minutes. Chose whatever sport makes you happy
    (as long as it’s not chess): walking, running, yoga, swimming, HIIT, Pilates, Tai Chi, doesn’t
    matter what, everything will do, just move! If you move, your lymph will also move.
  • Stay hydrated. In my opinion the best hydration we could get is from fruits, berries and melons,
    so juices, smoothies but also eating whole fruits and veggies are great sources of alkaline liquids
    and will hydrate your body on cellular level.
    If you could already implement these suggestions into your routine, you will see a great improvement in
    your general state of health and level of energy.
    Each one of us truly has the power to heal from within once the external forces, that prevent this
    natural ability, are removed. The path is here, unfolding for you, but it is you who must walk it.

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