Yoga + Raw Vegan Brunch


We start the workshop with a complete 90 min Yoga Class. Flowing smoothly from Hatha and Vinyasa into Yin and then finishing in a deep relaxing and rejuvenating Nidra session. The session will have as its goal to help us turn inward and nurture our calm, quiet and harmonious center that is innate in all of us.
The practice is tailored for this specific occasion with the main focus being the center of love, compassion and self-acceptance – our Heart Chakra.

Even if you have never practiced Yoga in your life before, you shall not be worried. My easy and fun way of teaching will make these 90 min fly, you won’t even notice you practices for so long.

All levels are accepted and encouraged to attend.



Once we are done with our practice the FUN part starts! 

The way to our own heart goes through our stomachs, right? Having been a raw foodist for several years, I will delight your palate and your sight with something very special – several raw vegan savoury and sweet dishes as well as drinks.

Trust me, the memories created by this gourmet experience will be long-lasting.

And you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to attend our event, as long as you’re curious about enjoying a RAWvolutionary brunch!


Date: Sat, Sept 17th, 9.00-12.30.

Location: Yoga2Be, Rötelstrasse 32, Zürich

Price: Early Bird 101CHF until Aug 15th

Then 111CHF.

Register early not only because of the Early Bird price but also because there is only a limited number of spots available!