As much as I would like to answer this question with 100% accuracy, the truth is, it is just impossible to determine. It all depends on so many factors and criteria: Why are you detoxing? Is this a preventive or curative detox? If it’s curative what are you trying to cure? How long have you been sick and what is the severity of your condition? What was your diet before the detox? And your lifestyle? How high is the level of stress in your life? How strong (or weak) are your genetics? Which conditions are running in your family? You see, there are way too many variables that could impact the answer.
The right answer you will receive from your own body and trust me, thank to detox, you will learn to hear very well everything your body has to tell you. You better listen and take good note of all the information you receive.


No, you don’t have to eat only salads. That’s what I thought at first too and that’s what I did for the first weeks until I got so bored and tired of salads that I could not see nor hear about them anymore. We are very used to our comfort food and it is definitely challenging to change our habits. But you will be surprised how creative you will become and how many infinity healthy and detox-friendly ideas you will find and will develop yourself. On this website you can find already my “most favorite” recipes during the detox .GET INSPIRED!

One simple rule during the detox, especially at the beginning: DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL HUNGRY! Being hungry when detoxing is the biggest enemy one could face. It will lead you to crave your old unhealthy food, “cheating” and “failing out of the wagon”. We don’t want that, because crawling back can be difficult and painful. Whenever you feel that soon you will be hungry EAT! Don’t withhold yourself. You will not get fat (if it’s what you are fearing). Nobody gains weight when detoxing if the rules are respected. Be organized and plan in advance. If you know that you are going somewhere, where it will be difficult to find detox compliant food, bring some with you. Bring more so you can share and spread some health, colors and joy also with others! Trust me, nobody will criticize, mock or blame you. The opposite, they will be thankful and grateful for the full of life goodies and delights you brought and shared. But if they DO mock you (especially in a mean way), you shall seriously consider changing your group of friends. Cause nobody shall dare to make fun of someone who had the courage to embark on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Yes, you can. You definitely can detox only by changing your diet and your nutritional habits but it will take much, much longer. Dr. Morse herbs are very powerful and will not only boost your organs, glands and systems but will also provide support during the detoxification.

I understand that when, you start the detox, the dietary changes are revolutionary, brutal if you want (especially if you were on a Standard Western Diet before: meat, cheese, breads, sugars etc.) and it will take some time to (re)adjust your body to “new foods”. Some days will be easier, some days will be harder. If you really, really, really crave something, have it, but don’t make a daily rule out of it and go back to your detox protocol as soon as possible. I always suggest my clients to keep a journal of their cravings. Analyzing what you crave can show much about your body weaknesses. Do you crave something salty? Your adrenal glands are fatigued and kidneys are weak. Do you crave sweet? You must probably have candida in your guts. Do you crave breads and grains? Shows fungus presence.

Detoxification is not a linear process that takes you easily from A to B. It is a meandering, bumpy road with lots of ups and downs and emotional upheavals. Not only your entire body (all the trillion of cells you are made of) is involved in this process but also your mind. It’s like a big, HUGE spring cleaning of your body, mind and soul. Imagine cleaning an old (or even a new) house that nobody cleaned before. When you start cleaning, you will create an endless mess! That’s exactly what happens when you start detoxing your body. It gets messy, before it gets any better. Past symptoms may come up or current may get worse, you may experience emotional distress, body aches, old allergies can come back. It is all good and it is part of the process. Just trust. Nobody ever died from detox.

Having someone near you who supports you during the detox is a true blessing. I know that because I had nobody. I will tell you more. When I started the detox program I was with a very toxic partner. As a result, I detoxified him from my life too. But I am not suggesting you to do the same, by no means! Just keep in mind that no matter what others say, it is YOUR choice, your body, your health, your life. By choosing the path of detox, you have chosen the greatest gift you could give yourself! Never forget that. If you do, you give up the opportunity to heal, upgrade your health, upgrade your life!

Liuna is the name my father (and later also my mom) has been calling me since I remember myself. In fact, I identify myself more with Liuna than Irina (which sounds extremely official to me, almost as if someone would be mad on me) and especially when I am home, I do not go for “Irina”, I go for “Liuna” only 🙂 So Liuna means family, home, good childhood memories and coziness to me. Holistic is the approach to detoxification that I chose and that I suggest to all of you.