Lena M.


Ich bin unendlich dankbar dafür, dass Irina mich auf meinem Weg begleitet hast. Einfach ALLES in meinem
Leben hat sich verändert. Es ist nicht möglich all diese Erfahrungen in Worte zu fassen. Dennoch möchte ich
einen Einblick in meine Veränderung geben. Denn es lohnt sich so sehr und ich kann es absolut jedem
Vor dem Detox war ich chronisch müde, antriebslos und hatte sehr viel emotionalen Schmerz, den ich mit mir
trug. Mein Darm funktionierte schon seit 10 Jahren nicht mehr so, wie er sollte. Meine Niere filterte kaum und ich
hatte immer wieder Fressattacken und grosse Schlafstörungen. Dies belastete mich sehr. Mein ganzer Rhythmus
war durcheinander und so auch meine Gedanken, meine Taten und mein Leben. Ich fühlte mich einfach nicht
mehr wirklich lebendig. 
Als mir Irina von ihrem Angebot erzählte, fühlte ich, dass dies absolut alles verändern würde.. aber ich hatte ja
keine Ahnung, wie sehr sich mein Leben tatsächlich verändern würde!
Ich bin klarer, stehe noch mehr zu mir selbst, meine Hellsinne sind noch viel stärker geworden und sind für mich
keine Last mehr. Ich verliere mich nicht mehr in anderen Menschen und setze klare Grenzen. Ich lernte mich neu
kennen… Ich wurde positiver, glücklicher und merkte sogar, dass ich meine eigenen Schattenthemen schneller
erkannte und mich somit damit auseinandersetzen und diese transformieren konnte.
Ich entgiftete mich nicht nur von toxischen Gedanken und Gefühlen in mir, sondern auch von Menschen und
Begebenheiten in meinem Leben, die nicht mehr zu mir passten.
Ich integrierte immer mehr Anteile meines Wesens wieder in mir. Ich konnte mich immer mehr an meine Kindheit
und meine ursprünglichen Wünsche erinnern, die ich durch das Leben einfach vergessen oder verdrängt
hatte..Immer mehr Blockaden lösten sich… auf allen Ebenen. Auch beruflich hat sich alles verändert. Ich beginne
nun auch mit meiner beruflichen Selbstständigkeit und ich habe so viel Energie, wie noch nie in meinem Leben!
Irina begleitete mich sehr professionell und einfühlsam auf diesem Weg. Sie war bei all meinen Fragen für mich
da. Sei es am Telefon oder per Nachricht. Nicht alles war einfach und so war ich sehr froh, dass sie immer da
war und mich unterstütze und mir erklären konnte, was gerade in mir geschieht. Sie gab mir Sicherheit und
Nach dem Detox Programm, entgiftete sich mein Körper stetig weiter. Denn ich vermisste mein altes
Essverhalten gar nicht und ernähre mich heute noch fast ausschliesslich von Früchten. So vieles verändert sich
in mir…. Dieses Programm ist so viel mehr wert… es ist unbezahlbar. Diese Erfahrung wünsche ich jedem.
Danke, Danke, Danke.

Maria L.


In July of this past year, I went in for a routine physical and my liver enzymes came out very elevated. I was very concerned since I’m an extremely healthy person and have no risk factors for liver disease. I had noticed a few months of yellow-tinted secretions and yellow marks on clothes, my sheets, and my pillow case, so I knew something was wrong. I contacted Irina about this issue, and she suggested I stop consuming all the supplements I was on and initiate a 6wk detox program. I came in for repeat labs 3 weeks upon starting this detox and my liver enzymes were already normal. At the completion of the detox, my liver function was completely back to normal and I no longer expelled any yellow secretions. I saved myself an extensive, arduous workup for liver disease or any unnecessary interventions with the help of Irina’s effective holistic approach! In addition, I was able to garner more information about my health through her iris evaluation. I will continue to be a loyal follower and supporter of Irina’s programs and recommendations for they have made me a healthier, happier person. Thank you Irina! 

Julia T.


Hi Irina! I wanted to share something really cool with you: I know I am really far from becoming a raw vegan (ever) BUT I changed a lot about my eating habits since we met a year ago (I start everyday with a big-ass fruit smoothie instead of coffee; I eat mostly salad and veggies for lunch; I have a full cooked meal at night. For snacks only fruits and dates – almost never processed sugar or candies) and today I got my blood results and they all look perfect, my lazy thyroid got some more power – my nails and hair are growing like crazy and I haven’t had a cold in over a year!!! Isn’t that amazing what small things already can do. THANKS for motivating me to integrate more fruits and raw veggies into my daily life.

Ruslana A.


I would like to share my detox experience with the hope that it can inspire someone in their own healing journey. The Detox program has been tailored by Irina for my personal health needs. I have thyroid issues which lead to digestion difficulties.

Irina informed me about each and every step of the detoxing program. I felt comfortable doing it due to Irina’s constant support, broad knowledge and own life experience. My first days were slightly challenging as I had to quit drinking coffee, eating sweets and was allowed to consume only fruits and veggies.

But I was motivated to do it and had a goal to achieve! 

Taking Parasite M+ G and other Dr. Morse herbs reduced drastically my cravings and hunger. Having a mind free of “food” thoughts makes the entire Detox process much easier and actually enjoyable.

I was feeling lighter and better day by day. It was/is an amazing feeling as I could feel how my body (and mind) was detoxing, getting more energized and I was getting more powerful and healthier. I had regular touch points and follow-ups with Irina to review my healing journey.

I really appreciated her availability to provide clear answers to all my questions at any moment and give me guidelines whenever I needed it.

Her support and especially knowledge is much appreciated during this “detoxing” journey and I can only recommend her services to anyone who seeks to find alternative solutions to healing or reversing a medical condition or simply start leading a healthier lifestyle.

Ana G.


I always thought that food is one of the most powerful tools we have to help to boost our
immune system. I truly believe in the ancient saying: “Let food be the medicine” as I felt a huge difference in my life when I started making better food choices in 2008 because I wanted to lose weight.

Since 2017, I have chronic migraines which often paralyze my daily life. On top of that, I was feeling weak and low energy due to my stressful job. Irina’s own health transformation and natural healing path in the last two years, motivated me even more to step up my detox as well. Irina
recommended specific herbal formulas for my problem areas (migraines) and after actually trying them I could immediately feel the power of the herbs!

I integrated raw vegan diet and Dr. Morse herbs through Irina’s supervision only for 5 weeks which I know is not enough but guess what, I felt the difference even after one week. My face and skin are much clearer, I started to sleep better, and I am more energetic even if I
stopped drinking coffee. Every day during the detox process, I felt a positive impact on my
body, and I wish I purchased more herbs to continue the detox process.

The most rewarding part was when my friends told me after one month of Detox that I look stunningly
well and asked what kind of lifting did I do to my face?! Nobody could believe that I only changed my
diet for few weeks.

Today, I continue to eat most of the time (70% of time) raw vegan or vegan because the results were so incredible, and I finally succeeded to have a more balanced lifestyle.

Thank you, Irina, for your passion and daily inspiration for a healthier and happier life!

Diya P.


Irina was of a great support on my health journey.
First of all, I was very happy that she made an assessment of my current health status. It was an  eye-opener for me as well, to learn all what was happening in my body. Thank to her precious and helpful tips about food and nutrition, but most important, thank to the personalized protocol with Dr. Robert Morse herbs and tinctures she crated for me, I completely reboot my systems and organs, gained so much energy, lost about 10kg and just felt so much better and rejuvenated. Shortly after the begin of the Program I got a better understanding of my body needs and become more conscious about what is harming it. I am endlessly grateful to Irina for her great support and won’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who need help on their journey to a healthier and happier life.

Olga O.


Irina, I would like to thank you so much for your most precious support. I am so thrilled and enthusiastic about all the results we achieved already through the Detox Program.

My allergies got milder, my bronchitis alleviated, my skin became cleaner, my liver less burdened and, as a bonus, I lost 12kg! I will definitely keep going on with the detox, dig deeper and deeper with the goal to achieve all the results we have in mind. Thank you so much!

Thomas C.


As a diabetic type I for the past 17 years, the knowledge of food is paramount to ensure a balanced lifestyle, and reduce long term impact on my body.

I thought that I knew it all and knew my body very well…but I realized that I needed to reassess my knowledge of myself and my diet. Being vegan or vegetarian is not really in my family tradition and the way my nutritionist put me on.

Through Irina’s knowledge and positive mindset helped me the rediscover food and how to positively impact my body and insulin treatment.

Thank to her advice and guidance on a vegan based nutrition, I adapted my diet and managed to dramatically reduce my intake of insulin. The result are really incredible!

The transformation was quite significant to the point that I no longer take any insulin in the morning. This is huge for me! On top of that here some other results she helped me to achieve: I sleep much better, my energy level is up, my immune system is stronger, my skin is better and my personal life with my partner has never been greater. Fun fact too: my endocrinologist was really impressed by body transformation and Hba1c blood test.

Irina has managed to help me, my body and my illness to go on a new journey. I am grateful for her kindness and the path she guided me through.