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​Everything happens in its divine time.

It was November 2012 the first time I attended a Yoga class. I was into running and all types of cardio sports back then and had really no idea what Yoga was. About eight minutes into class, I remember thinking to myself: “What kind of workout is this for Christ’s sake? Never in my life again!” With much struggle, I managed to finish the class and sure enough, I did not want to hear about Yoga for the next 8 years, not until I finally understood that Yoga is not a “workout” at all, it’s actually a “work-in”. From that moment everything started changing in my life with the speed of light: I became obsessed with Yoga, I began practicing it daily, and shortly after I became a Yoga teacher and started teaching Yoga to everyone who was curious enough to give it a try. I wanted to inspire as many people as possible to see Yoga not only as a physical activity but as a real lifestyle.

Many months of training, courses, learnings, and practices in India broadened my knowledge about Yoga and brought also my teaching skills to a totally new level. 

Karma Yoga is my path of Yoga. As an Iridologist and Detox specialist, once I become a certified Yoga teacher, I decided to apply Yoga as an integrative tool to my protocols aimed to heal or reverse different medical conditions of my clients. I love tailoring the flows and asana sequences according to everyone’s needs on a physical as well as spiritual level. I adore transmitting the philosophy of Yoga through asanas and pranayama (breathing exercises). I am passionate about Chakras and work constantly on balancing them in my own practice as well as in the practice of my students.

My favourite posture is Sirsasana – not only does is help to increase your focus and concentration, but also encourages you to see the World and Life from a totally different prospective. Come and try it with me and you shall see 😊  

If you are here, on this website and got to read this small introduction till the end, the chances I will see you soon in one of my classes, events or retreats are very high, and I am really looking forward to it. 

Love & Light always. 




– Online Hatha Yoga (in Italian)

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM


– Kids Yoga 

4:45 PM – 5:45

– Pre-Natal yoga

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

– Calming and Deep Yin

7:45 PM – 8:45 PM 

Schindlergut Park 

Kronenstrasse 12, 8006 Zürich

or Online


– Energetic Hatha / Vinyasa Flow

9AM – 10AM

Schindlergut Park 

Kronenstrasse 12, 8006 Zürich

or Online

*For Private, Pre-Natal, Kids Yoga Sessions as well as Corporate Group Sessions (Yoga, Meditation or both), Sound Healing please contact me directly: +41754439349, via e-mail: or via Instagram @Liuna_Holistic


"I have tried various yoga classes and teachers over the years but none of them has come close to the way Irina teaches. With the most love and care, people of all abilities are welcome and gently coached each and every person​ individually​.​ ​The yoga sessions are far more than a practice. The atmosphere is fantastic and full of laughter when things are a bit tricky. There is always an introduction giving an insight into the yoga lesson. Great teacher!"

Lana C - USA

​“Irina is a wonderful, caring and highly skilled yoga teacher. She always tries to make you learn something new or progress, and continuously adapt the course depending on how you feel and of course, your level. She even goes beyond the practice and shares her knowledge in yoga mindset and lifestyle. She’s also available whenever you have questions. She’s a 10/10!”

Astrid H - Switzerland

“I was lucky to have Irina as our yoga teacher for three days during a long weekend in Ticino, Switzerland. Our mornings started with breathing exercises, followed by a personalized flow, and ending a sense of relaxation and peace. At the end of each class, with Irina’s help, I felt stronger in my posture, aligned with my body and mind, and centered like never before. Book your class today to experience it.”

Anna W - USA

“I am a newbie in Yoga. I could start smoothly because Irina adapted some positions to facilitate my introduction. In order to gain confidence I started privat Yin-Nidra classes. And was one of the best decisions ever. It adapts really well to my schedule, I am gaining flexibility and the Nidra part is giving an incredible serenity. Thanks to it I sleep like a baby!”

Ivan P - Switzerland

“I had always heard about yoga, but did not try it until Irina came to visit me in Barcelona. I was a bit shy and reluctant during my first session, but Irina's calming voice and guidance helped me go through the session seamlessly. I can tell that she  truly dedicates her class to her students and tailors the class based on the student’s interests. It has been beneficial to my spiritual, mental, and physical health to be a part of her yoga family and I wouldn't want any other yoga instructor. The passion she has towards yoga is best reflected through the dedication she has towards her students. A session with Irina is a gift you can give yourself as you go into a beautiful journey of peace, restoration, and serenity.”

Maria M - Spain

“I knew I needed Yoga in my life because a stressful office job lead to back pain, tight hamstrings and a constantly clouded head. I had tried Yoga several times before, but I never stuck with it until I started practicing with Irina. She knows how to teach in a fun, engaging way and also brings in her knowledge of healthy nutrition, detoxification and breathing exercises, which sums up to an experience that is much more than just Yoga (or as she would say, Asana). Since I started practicing with her, I find my mind to be calmer and more resilient and my body to be more relaxed and flexible, which also increases my performance in my professional career and in sports. Her glowing passion for a healthy lifestyle helps me to come closer to my own goal: a healthy body and calm mind.”

Jens B - Switzerland

“I am incredibly grateful that our paths crossed! Irina's bubbly and caring personality enlightens everyone's days. She's able to create a room in her yoga classes where it is easy to calm down and also release all negative grudges one is holding onto. The class cultivates a humorous, respectful & supporting contact & I can recommend her to absolutely anyone. It doesn't matter if you wanna practice for the physical benefits of yoga or you want to dive deep into yourself and your healing journey. “

Larissa B - Switzerland

“I had the chance to practice private classes (both online and offline) with Irina since her day 1 graduation in May 2021. On my side, I was just recovering from 2 ACL surgeries on my both knees, thus my flows / Asanas were very limited. I appreciated her patience and personalized practices focused on my knees recovery.  She let me know how far to go in a pose based on injuries/weaknesses, which was really helpful. She also pushed me out of my comfort zone by helping me to do my first headstand ('Sirsasana') after 5 months from my surgery. I couldn't believe it! Last but not least, Irina is very passionate about Yoga, and she genuinely shares all her knowledge about it to everyone.”

Ana G - France

“After taking just one class taught by Irina, I was able to loosen up and push my boundaries more than expected. The peace I felt in my heart, and the stretch that I felt in my muscles reinforced how beneficial this practice is to my mind, body, and soul. As a beginner in yoga, I became ever more intrigued and excited to continue pursuing the positive health effects of these classes!”

Michelle H - USA

“We had an amazing yoga session with Irina. She was knowledgeable, patient, and led a great class. It was the perfect way to start our day. I would highly recommend ​her as a teacher ​no matter where you are in your practice.”

Kattie W - USA

“​I have attended one yoga class​ in the park with Irina and it was awesome! She is super friendly and le​d​ an engaging yoga ​session. It was a great workout and I’m so glad I was able to make it!​ ​It​ ​gave me peace and cleared my mind, which is exactly what I was hoping for​.​​​ Thank you again​, Irina​! ​​”

Brittany F - USA

“Energizing Vinyasa/Hatha flow or calming Yin session. Irina puts in every practice a little extra! Amazing experiences are guaranteed with her!”

Petra A - Switzerland